A Brave New World: Faith Is An Attitude

a whole new world

Have you discovered a brave new world beyond the cloud of anger and fear or do you often wonder what’s round the corner, along life’s windy road?

You see, faith is an attitude! Continue reading


A Luta Continua

life2Dear life, I’m not tired of you yet, of your swindling. I’m not tired of the surprises. Aren’t this what dreams are made of, uncertainties, brokenness and sometimes, triumph?

I came here with no hint of what I would meet. Each step I took at growing older, you became revealing.

You showed your wit. Sometimes I understood. Other times I just stood lost and watched in bewilderment. Continue reading


imageThere are different sources to every fortune. When one door closes, there’s another path waiting to push you further and farther in life. Nothing ever empties completely on the face of this earth.

The young ones keep growing while the older ones draw closer to their grave. While some people are mourning over the loss of their loved ones, others are feeling the joy that comes with birth.

Life is more like an exchange. You’re either receiving, giving, gaining, losing, living or dying. The moment you’re taking a breath of fresh air, some other person is breathing his or her last. It’s certain that you can’t understand the beautiful bliss that comes with happiness if you’ve never been under the knife of sorrows.

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Stars twinkle and shine together, because a single star can’t occupy the whole sky. This reminds me of how much we can achieve if we can come together, appreciate our differences and pursue our goals in full force. Competition can be a catalyst for growth only when it is healthy.

Undoubtedly, we all want to forge ahead, stand firm and not be relegated to the background. This can only be achieved by investing so much in our abilities, walking in our own lane and not speeding to overtake, overthrown, overshadow, or pull others down.

It’s true we’re stuck in the same universe, but our journeys are indeed different. It’s an individual race and you don’t need to run it with baggage of insecurities. Greed, jealousy, hate and unhealthy competitions are very toxic and only show signs of weakness, lack of control or confidence. You don’t judge another man’s success or means of achievement with yours. we all can’t get to our destinations at the same time. Some will get to their dream land on time while others will catch up later. Continue reading



Hey, stop calling for a pity party. People fail, and everybody makes mistake. What took me months to learn might take you years to learn. Pull yourself together, work on yourself and come back stronger. I have been through a lot myself, it wasn’t easy for me or anyone for that matter. If I could survive, you too will survive.”- Melle O.

The above was said to me after a very traumatic experience at work.

You see, after a fall three things happenYou either gather enough strength to get back up, find someone who can lend you a helping hand, or you dig the ground some more and bury yourself in self pity and shame. Continue reading